High School

Our High School is designed to integrate and enable a system that engages the latest technologies in education and learning to equip students with the skills they will need to thrive in 2020 and beyond. The SJS school model is based on the drivers of Choice, Collaboration, and Challenge, with the curriculum aimed to develop relevant competencies, connections and contributions for the changing world we live in.

Grades 8-9

The world is changing. We now have access to knowledge about almost everything at the click of a button. Application of knowledge, critical thinking, adaptability, innovation and creativity are the educational buzzwords across the globe. Education is rapidly evolving, global universities are changing the way they teach and our High School model is changing to prepare our students for an altered educational future.

GR 8 & 9 Enrolments for 2019 now open

Grades 10-12

Internationally accredited High School Certificates to be offered from 2020.

International Study Centre

Avalon High School, in partnership with Cambridge, the British International Distance College, the SteveJobsSchools and American GED are designing a school model for South Africa that will enable personalization and choices in local and international High School Certificates.  The Study Centre will be  structured to offer each student a personalised education that is international, technology enabled, futuristic and epitomises excellence.  Grades 10-12 opens 2020.

More info on Cambridge Intl. Programmes

Extra-Curricular & Sport

A variety of sports and extra-curriculars are offered on Campus.