At the Avalon ELC our youngest learners are immersed in a unique learning culture, from the moment they arrive.  We offer a challenging curriculum with inquiry-based learning and a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, physical development and creative arts.  We encourage discovery, curiosity and experimentation while we provide social and emotional support in a fun, safe, friendly and colourful environment.

  • Very small classes with assistants for excellent care
  • English as first hand language
  • Doman brain Development Programs
  • Physical Development Programs , including hand -feet and ball skills
  • Art, music, creative movement, drama during the morning

Brain Development Programs

We stimulate the brain by giving continual input to the sensory and auditory pathways in a systematic and continuous manner.

The Brain Builder Program includes:

  • Intellectual Development
  • Physical Development
  • Music Appreciation
  • Social Development Program
  • Artistic and Creative Stimulation

Early Maths & Reading

We believe that a solid foundation in math & literacy is critical to a child’s future academic success and their day-to-day functioning.  At Avalon ELC our little learners learn by engaging in dynamic hands-on math games and projects.  In addition we use adaptive math programs that provides real time feedback to teachers about a child’s abilities and progress. Technology enables personalisation where children can function and learn on different levels based on their personal skills, strengths and interests.

Physical Development

Here at Avalon our Life Coach interacts with all of our little friends twice a week , focusing on music appreciation, gross motor skills, social interaction and physical well-being. We also include Music and Movement in our physical development as well as a variety of extra Mural activities such as Monkeynastix, Ballet, Golf, Ruggakids, Judo, Drama play etc.

Social & Emotional Development

At Avalon , it is our mission to help every student to feel welcome and connected and a part of the Avalon family! At our ELC we have incorporated Social Interaction sessions as part of our Social & Emotional Development Program.

During these interactive sessions our young friends are encouraged to share feelings and experiences and together we aim to assist them in making sense of what they feel and how to express their emotions.

Class Setup

Our ELC classes are set-up in different learning hubs and stations to enhance our youngest learners learning opportunities and experiences. They never get bored and move from station to station through-out the day.

They have the opportunity to interact with different coaches throughout the day, while having loads of fun during sing-along activities, messy play activities, baking and making time or group/theme discussions.

Our small classes encourages maximum participation of both learners and coaches.


Creative Arts

Our art program includes a multitude of creative activities using all possible tools and equipment to utilise their imagination to its full potential.

Drama, Dress-up

Drama develops and enhances social skills, self-confidence, speech and oral language skills, watching and listening skills, following directions, responsibility, kindness, sharing and patience.

At Avalon ELC we use storytelling, pretend play, role playing, improvisation, puppetry, performance poetry, fairy-tales, movement, voice, animals, feelings and music to build skills and confidence in our little ones.


When nurtured in a child’s early years, the rewards of a musical and creative arts education expand to provide immeasurable results. Music forms is incorporated in many of our programs and our littlest students also engage in listening activities such as stories, poems and chants, dancing or multi-sensory and tumble play daily.


In addition to our hands-on learning, our little Learners also use Adaptive Maths and Early Reading programs from time to time. These programs are game based and strengthen their core mathematical and reading skills. In our Makerspace we paint, draw, build, invent and generally have a lot of fun learning.