All students from Grade 4 and older to bring their own device.

We request that parents acquire the devices as soon as possible and hand it in at the School Office for configuration and application download.

Devices must be an IPAD 6 or newer model and at least be 32GB in memory and WIFI compatible. 


The Early Learning Centre’s will have shared devices.


Please make sure you have insured your child’s device.  All care will be taken at School but the School cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of a device.  


Please check that your child has his/her device before school starts and also when they are collected in the afternoon.  Please make sure that the ‘Find my iPad’ button is activated on your child’s device.


Our students wear a casual uniform that consists of denim shorts/skirts or pants with a school golf shirt, white sport shoes and a school jumper.  We want our students to be comfortable and the uniform to function as work wear, sports wear and play wear. More information on uniforms will be available from the school’s office.


Please contact us for current fees.


You will be advised during the year about planned in- and excursions and the fees payable.


School starts at 07h30 Monday to Friday.

School ends at: 13h00 Early Learning Centre (Grade 0000-00)
13h15 Foundation Phase (Grade R – 2)
13h45 Foundation Phase (Grade3)
13h45 Intermediate Phase (Grade 4-7)
13h45 Senior and Junior High (Grade 8-10)


Please fill out the After Care Enrolment Form available from the Office should you want to make use of the facility.  After Care organizes different activities for the children as well as free play. Children can be enrolled at a discounted monthly rate or can stay any day for an ‘ad hoc’ fee.

After Care starts at 14h00 and ends at 17h00. A register is taken of all kids on the premises at 15h00 every day and at 14h00 on Fridays. Any children on campus will be charged the Ad Hoc fee regardless of the time stayed.

After care ends at 17h00 but parents have grace until 17h30 to collect their children, after which a R50.00 fee will be charged for every 15 minutes until 18h00 onwards when a R100.00 per 15 minutes will be charged.

Please note that the School pays staff overtime to stay late. Please also consider that staff members have families too and often have long distances to travel.  In the event that you are late, please notify the School on the Office number, so arrangements for your child and the personnels’ safety can be made.

Please note that the Aftercare Staff keep a daily register of the students and of collection times.

Please make sure the School has emergency contact numbers in case you cannot be reached.


Lunch and snacks can be ordered and bought from the school canteen.  On certain days combo snacks will be available and these can be ordered in advance.  The school will send notifications of such.


Optional and available to those who attend after care and also to other children whose parents have made arrangements at the school office.  A weekly Menu will be communicated to parents via the D6 school communicator.


Each parent must please install the D6 school communicator either on their mobile device or desktop/laptop.