The Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPPIA“) is effective 1st July 2021.  POPIA regulates how we use, store and destroy personal information and special personal information of individuals and juristic persons.

This letter serves to inform you, the Data Subject and/or Competent Person in terms of the collection of information on yourself and your child in terms of:

The Protection of Personal Information,
The General Data Protection Regulations, and
The Promotion of Access to Information Act.

The reasons for collecting the information are as follows:

For consumers of our services, i.e. parents and guardians of children

  1. Perform duties in terms of our Learner Admissions Contract.
  2. Operate and manage their fee account applications, agreements and/or correspondence between them and Avalon Sundowner Private School.
  3. Communicate, including direct marketing, by email, SMS, letter, telephone, face-to-face, or in any other form.
  4. Carry out market research and business analysis.
  5. Debt recovery for any outstanding fees
  6. Updating information held.
  7. Comply with our statutory, regulatory, legal and other obligations under various Acts.
  8. Perform any reasonably required purpose for other administrative and operational functions.
  9. To understand each child’s family dynamic to support them and their parents in times of need.

For potential consumers

  1. Verify information.
  2. Check credit rating.
  3. Direct marketing.
  4. Any other reasonable purpose as reasonably required by Avalon Sundowner Private School`s core business.

For children

  1. To make or assist in making, decisions about their care and education.
  2. To form a view of each child as an individual and to identify and/or improve the service that is being provided according to their needs.
  3. To identify areas of vulnerability in their health, immunity, mental and/or physical wellbeing.
  4. To monitor and evaluate a child’s progress through a scaffolded curriculum.
  5. To be able to report their progress to parents and guardians from a knowledge base.

Collection of Personal Information

  1. We collect PI directly from Data Subjects when they provide us with personal details, i.e. the Learner Admission Application for Enrolment.
  2. Where possible we will inform our Data Subjects when information is optional.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

When somebody visits our website collection of non-personal information takes place. This enables us to establish which pages are of most interest to our parents and gives us very useful metadata that we use to enhance visitor’s experiences to our website. Nobody can be identified from this information. This includes the use of cookies.

Categories of Data Subjects and Personal Information and Special Personal Information

Consumers and Potential, i.e. Parents and Guardians of Children Personal Information Special Personal Information

  • Billing information
  • Email address
  • Emergency contact (if parent not available)
  • Full Names
  • Home and postal address
  • Marital status. If divorced, the custody and visiting arrangements
  • Telephone numbers & Credit score and references
  • ID number
  • Medical aid number and main member details
  • Occupation and place of employment
  • Passport number if not a South African Citizen
  • Payment arrangements
  • Race or ethnic origin

Children Personal Information Special Personal Information

  • Admission and Discharge Dates
  • Age
  • Allergies
  • Attendance Register
  • COVID-19 Temperature Screening Register and other information
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Medications (currently being administered)
  • Partial care require, i.e. half or full-day
  • Birth history
  • Child’s medical history
  • ID number
  • Immunisation Records
  • When the child has met his/her milestones
  • Adoption History if any

Any other reasonably required information or purpose relating to the core services we offer.

Security of Personal Information (Data Protection)

Avalon Sundowner is legally obliged to provide protection for the Personal Information we hold, prevent unauthorised access and use of the PI and by all means prevent loss of the information. In order to achieve this:

  • The electronic files are password protected.
  • The paper files are stored in a fireproof, lockable cupboard situated in the office.
  • Use of PI has been documented in this policy and implemented in Avalon Sundowner Private School. It effectively monitors access and usage of the information.
  • Access to PI has been documented in this policy and implemented in Avalon Sundowner Private School.
  • Our computers and networks are securely protected through virus protection software, which prevents hacking, spyware and malware.
  • Adhering to governance and regulatory norms and standards.

Access to Personal Information

  1. Parents and staff have the right to request a copy of the Personal Information we hold on them personally and their children.
  2. Please contact the Information Operator in the office and specify which information you want.
  3. All reasonable steps will be taken to confirm the identity of the person requesting the information.
  4. A request for information may be charged for, as per POPIA.
  5. At all times we are acutely aware of children’s rights to privacy and protection.
  6. Data Subjects PI is used extensively by authorised staff only in our daily management.
  7. Teaching practitioners have access to the child’s milestones and previous assessments.
  8. If permission is granted, contact details of extra-mural service providers will be shared with the parents. The parents will elect to share their contact details with the extra-mural providers, or not.
  9. Allergy information is shared with the employees to keep the child safe from harm by preventing them from coming into contact with the allergen.
  10. In connection with legal proceedings, regulatory requirements or industry codes to which we subscribe or which apply to us, or when it is otherwise allowed by law.
  11. To assist with our business development, performance, customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  12. To monitor our website usage.
  13. To keep parents/guardians informed of events at Avalon Sundowner Private School
  14. To perform our contractual obligations entered into between Avalon Sundowner Private School and staff and/or the parents/guardians of the enrolled children.
  15. Where necessary to verify identities for security purposes.
  16. To contact parents/guardians regarding their children.
  17. To respond to queries and requests from the parents.
  18. To notify parents about any changes to our service or any amendments to our Terms and Conditions as per our learner admission contract entered into with parents.

We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose personal information collected to third parties in the ordinary course of business.  Data collected by us is not shared with third parties, except that certain statistical information may be compiled and used for industry or speciality analyses as required by the Department of Education.

Avalon  Private School will endeavour to take all steps as practically and lawfully required to safeguard your and your child`s personal information in terms of the applicable legislation.

Information Officer: Nanette Uys

Email Address:

Telephone number: 011 766 5545